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Name: Strawberry Kush

From: B.E.A.C.H. Collective (DispensaryPlaya Del Rey)

Grade: C

Type: Hybrid

Price: $20/gram, $55/eighth

Looks: Strawberry Kush has bright green fluffy buds and bright orange hairs that are faded just a bit.  The calyxes are on the smaller side and have a soft, spongy texture with just a little bit of density towards the center of the nug. 

After a squeeze, the flower returns to its original form, and there is good frost on the buds.  I see most of the trichomes are hazy and milky white that are intact with developed heads of THC.

Smell: Strawberry Kush actually smells like tart ripe strawberries and a family of skunks.  The sweet tartness is syrupy and smells like strawberry jam the more I smell it.  The tartness is skunky and pungent, which adds a twist to the sweet smelling aroma.

Taste: I was excited and chopped the nugs with scissors due to the stickiness.  I loaded up the bong and fired away.  The bowl caught the flame alright and inhale was a little rough, with a strong kick and very little flavor that tasted a little like hash but a stronger plant-like flavor later dominates the taste. 

After exhale, the lungs feel some pull from expansion, and as the lungs let go, a faint tangy fruit flavor slowly creeps up on the breath and in the nose.  The fruity flavor loses its strawberry shell and is more tangy than sweet, and only stays around momentarily before vanishing.  It was disappointing.

Buzz Type: After the bowl was finished, a warming head change hit that’s almost stunning.  The head change grows into a stony lull that is cloudy and has a bit of a trippy lag that had me trapped in a few daydreams.  There is just a small comedown but it is minor and can be brushed away with little effort.

Buzz Length: Medium.  1 hour.

Overall: Strawberry Kush is a decent smoke, but could have used a better flush and better cure.  I liked the chill heady effects but it can be a little drab at times and the comedown isn’t as clean as I would like.  –LDog


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