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Name: Purple Platinum Kush

From: Private Dealer

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Price: $20/gram, $45/8th, $75/quarter, $130/half, $250/ounce

Looks: Extremely frosty, extremely purple, and extremely beautiful dense nugs.  Has very little visible red hairs.   Very, very, very sticky. Looks well cured.

Smell: Very sweet and fruity.

Taste: Fruity and sweet like the smell.  Although, it does have a hashy aftertaste.  Perfect cure!

Buzz Type: Hits very hard.  This is potent!!  The smoke is a little bit harsh but not too much.  As soon as you exhale you feel like you were just hit by a truck.  It knocked me on my ass.  It then settles into a very powerful couch lock along with great relaxation.

Buzz Length: LONG.  2.5-3 hrs minimum.  This bud is very powerful.

Overall: This PurplePlatinum has got to be one of the best looking, hardest hitting indicas I’ve ever smoked.  It’s definitely one of my top 5 buds ever.  I got about an ounce of this and let me tell you…. it didn’t last as long as it should’ve.  Great for insomnia, any pain, or if you just want to get extremely stoned.  –jesuschrist420


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29 notes ☮