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Name: Mango Papaya Kush

From: Private Dealer – A very amazing friend who breeds stunning and fabulous fruit strains.

Grade: A++

Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Mango Kush x Jack Herer x Medijuana x Papaya Kush

Price: 10g Gift

Looks: Super frosty. His present was two main headies which were beautifully wrapped for me – he knows how much I love nice looking danks – and 2g of some smaller popcorns towards the upper nodes of the super other bud on one of his plants.

This weed is gorgeous.  Light green super frosty leaves mixed with almost a purple blue color and yellow tint, dense trichs and a mixed assortment of colored hairs.

You can see on the picture with both side by side the one on the right has a trich ocean in it, that spot got me really high!

Varied from light purple to dark red to bright and dark orange.  It was such weed porn.

Smell: As if you were to blend up a bunch of fruits in a blender with some bomb kush.  Very heavy fruit notes with the classic kush smell.

I have had his Herer before and there is a very mellow sour smell, a fuel almost.

Taste: Better than expected. I have found on a lot of fruit weeds they lose their taste if not burned properly.  But when you use a vaporizer, it’s a whole different experience.

I tried both to see the difference and the vap bag was just a cleaner smoke.  My sour bong preserved the taste which reminds me of Fruity Pebbles with orange juice.

Buzz Type: Reminds me of Trainwreck but almost on steroids.  If that seems understandable.

It starts quick in the head which is what I like sometimes is to feel relief fast, but within minutes the heavy sedative effect kicks in and rides you like a flaming black Ferarri slipping into the sunset blasting rock.

My friend told me all the parents were sativas, it’s the Medijuana that makes it a hard knockin mix…I’m not kidding.

Buzz Length: Long, but surprisingly I had NO COME DOWN whatsoever.  When I felt the sedative kick I was sure I would be couch driven and in that “freedom land” we all love…but I wasn’t.

I was out of my mind baked for 45 minutes, with a non come down free fall for about a steady slowly passing 2.5 hours.  I was so happy I was stoned for so long.

I am backpacking the Sierra’s tomorrow and am going to be happy to have an amazing sample with me to enjoy the wonders above the cloud line.  Yippee do day!

Overall: Man…I really cannot express the happiness I feel with this weed.  It’s like Santa came and delivered a holy gift that makes everyone jealous.

I have given all close friends a 1gr sample.  I figure I was given, now I give back – but enough to keep me happy let’s not forget.

This is a fantastic weed. I love love loved this stuff! And I might also add the re-bake was almost instant. One quick bong load after an hour or so of tripping…BOOM! Back up on Cloud 500.  It’s nice!  –InGrowingWeTrust


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