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Name: NUGGETRY Jack Herer

From: California Patients Association (DispensarySanta Ana)

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Price: $55/8th

Looks: Ground up, this beautiful bud is covered in glistening snow.  The leaves grow very upright, which is typical to sativas, but also very, very broadly.  This is a sativa that looks like it has a good time working out and looking very healthy.  The colors vary between bright green and emerald, and the crystals sparkle if you catch them in the right light.

Smell: At first, I was expecting something very strong and maybe a little sharp, but in actuality, this bud isn’t so outspoken.  It is actually very gentle and its aroma is very smooth and sweet.  At first, I can’t really place the sweetness, but…

Taste: The taste on this is pretty remarkable.  It’s perfect for people who don’t care much for anything strong or overbearing.  The flavor, at first, is very subtle and smooth, but the sweetness in its aroma is brought out and distinguished in the flavor.  To me, it tastes like a very sweet pineapple, which makes it quite novel.  It’s really something worth experiencing.

Buzz Type: There is an instant headrush, and a slight, creeping body high.  The more you smoke, the more prevalent the creep becomes, and it ends up snatching you away before you can begin to figure out what just happened.  This strain is a top shelf strain that will last you for a while, because you don’t need a lot to experience its effects; for that, it’s also economical.  A small breakfast bowl would be enough to energize and invigorate anyone ready to tackle the day ahead [students, athletes, etc.].  Smoke enough, and it also becomes a very effective painkiller.

Buzz Length: ?

Overall: I think this was a good choice and a wonderful investment.  You can smoke this and work or sleep, it doesn’t matter.  It will get the job done and not utterly rob you of your senses or get you fiercely hungry.  However, I don’t think the flavor really matches the energy behind the strain itself.  It is definitely an amazing strain, though, and one I would enjoy smoking again.  –bass in space


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